Level 3 Events Assistant Apprenticeship

As an events assistant apprentice, you will be responsible for supporting the planning and delivery of events.

You’ll learn how to coordinate event logistics, liaise with vendors and suppliers, and assist with event promotion and marketing. You’ll also learn how to manage event budgets, handle customer inquiries and ensure that events run smoothly. 

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18 Months


Free (no debt!)




Apprenticeship + CIM


Those who want to start their career in the events industry and want a general understanding of how to organise and manage an events from start to finish.



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What will you learn on the Events Assistant Apprenticeship?

As an events assistant apprentice, you’ll learn essential skills in event planning and coordination. 

You’ll learn how to manage event logistics, create event timelines and budgets, and handle vendor and supplier relationships. Additionally, you’ll learn how to promote and market events through various channels, such as social media and email marketing.

The role of an events assistant requires both organizational and creative skills, and you’ll be actively involved in the design and implementation of successful events. You’ll have the opportunity to work with a real employer and apply your skills on-the-job, gaining valuable experience in the events industry.

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Group 64 - Big Creative Education

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Festival run by events assistant apprenticeship

What is a creative apprenticeship?

80% of your time will be spent at a work placement with a leading creative business

20% of your time will be spent in the classroom or attending “off-the-job” training

Skills Bootcamps

Industry Masterclasses

Online Learning

1:1 Tutorials

Guest Speakers


What is covered on the Events Assistant Apprenticeship?

There are four enrolment days into the online tutorials so your starting points will be different depending on the time of year you applied for.

Visit this factsheet from the institute of apprenticeships to learn more about this qualification.

This symbol tells you at what point the enrolment days are:

Group 84 - Big Creative Education
  • Understand the respective roles of different functions within the Event Sector 
  • Understand the structure of an event organisation
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities within events
  • Understand and learn to apply the festival structure
  • Understand the role of the Production Manager within different functions
  • Understand the knowledge & skills required by a Production Manager
  • Learn how to gather research on professional roles and functions
  • Understand the role of the Event/production Assistant within different functions
  • Understand the knowledge & skills required by an Event/production Assistant
  • How the role of the event/production assistant contributes to business success.
  • The How different venues may be suited to events
  • What clients typically expect from a department/ company who are organising the event
  • Why a client chooses to hold events
  • How do they evaluate the different types of events.
  • The importance of client feedback 
  • How to meet client expectations 
  • Understand how an event budget is constructed and managed.
  • Understand the main objectives of an event budget 
  • Understand about sources of revenue 
  • Understand about fixed &. Variable costs
  • Understand about venue agreement
  • Learn how to complete contingency plans
  • Understand Profit & Non profit events
  • Understand profit & loss and VAT
  • Learn how to prepare a budget
  • Understand Profit & Non-profit events
  • Understand profit & loss and VAT
  • Learn how to prepare a budget
  • Understand the concept of Logistics Management
  • Understand Logistics Management’s place in the Event management cycle 
  • Use frame-by-frame painting to remove unwanted objects within the live action footage
  • Learn how to construct a Logistics Plan for the supply of:
    • Customers
    • Event Products
    • Event Facilities
  • Understand the roles of different functions in Event Logistics
  • Understand how each area contributes to successful delivery of an event.


  • Understand how event logistics can impact on the running of an event 
  • Understand how regulation and policies effect roles in an event team
    • Public liability insurance
    • H&S 
    • Contracts
  • Understand how to produce an event planner and Gnatt chart  
  • Understand the importance of client feedback and how to gather
  • Define and understand the role and responsibilities of the stage manager
  • Understand client expectations of an event.
  • Understand the importance of meeting clients expectations.
  • Define and understand the work of Artist liaison 
  • Understand and define the staff structure within an event company.
  • Understand the Artist “riders” and how the shape impact on an event.
  • Understanding the regulation that effect the organisation and delivery of an event. 
  • Understand internal and external risks associated with organising an event 
  • Learn how to identify hazards and risks
  • Learn how to produce a method statement
  • Understanding the internal policies of an event company and how they impact on an event
  • Understand venue and location Health & Safety policies
  • Understand the importance of accident log books
  • Understand fire procedures 
  • Learn to be internet safe
  • Understand the onsite teams’ responsibilities 
  • Learn how to prepare event design documentation
  • The meaning and implication of pre-multiplication and it’s use.
  • The maths involved with common compositing operations.
  • Learn how to read and understand floor plans 
  • Learn how to use design software such as SketchUp
  • Learn how to effectively break tasks down 
  • Learn how to produce event planners 
  • Learn how to produce Gnatt charts incorporating multiple areas of the event 
  • Develop an understanding of the event business. 
  • Learn to evaluate your main competitors
  • Understand the skills and knowledge needed to set up an event business 
  • Learn how to evaluate and produce wash up note for an event

What do I need to do once I finish the online learning

After the 12 month tutorial sessions you’ll be required to submit material to pass your EPA, pass your two exams (Coding Principles & Marketing Principles) and submit your CIM Level 3 Assignment.
  • Those who want to start their career in marketing
  • and want a general understanding of the full spectrum of marketing.
  • Those who want to start their career in marketing
  • and want a general understanding of the full spectrum of marketing.
  • Those who want to start their career in marketing
  • and want a general understanding of the full spectrum of marketing.
  • Those who want to start their career in marketing
  • and want a general understanding of the full spectrum of marketing.

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