Level 3 Music Business Assistant Apprenticeship

As a music business assistant apprentice, you’ll learn how the music industry works and how to support various aspects of music business operations.

You’ll learn how to coordinate music events, work with artists and music labels, and manage contracts and financial arrangements.

Apprenticeship details


18 Months


Free (no debt!)




Apprenticeship + CIM


Those who want to start their career in the events industry and want a general understanding of how to organise and manage an events from start to finish.



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What will you learn on the Music Business Assistant Apprenticeship?

You’ll learn how to develop and implement marketing strategies for musicians and their work.

You’ll learn how to develop and implement marketing strategies for musicians and their work, including social media, email marketing, and other promotional tools. Additionally, you’ll learn how to manage artist bookings, merchandise sales, and other aspects of music business operations.

The role of a music business assistant requires a combination of organizational, creative, and interpersonal skills, and you’ll have the opportunity to develop these skills while working with a real employer. You’ll gain valuable on-the-job experience in the music industry and be able to make meaningful contributions to the success of music business operations.

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Group 64 - Big Creative Education

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Music assistant apprenticeship
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What is a creative apprenticeship?

80% of your time will be spent at a work placement with a leading creative business

20% of your time will be spent in the classroom or attending “off-the-job” training

Skills Bootcamps

Industry Masterclasses

Online Learning

1:1 Tutorials

Guest Speakers


What is covered on the Music Business Assistant Apprenticeship?

There are four enrolment days into the online tutorials so your starting points will be different depending on the time of year you applied for.

Visit this factsheet from the institute of apprenticeships to learn more about this qualification.

This symbol tells you at what point the enrolment days are:

Group 84 - Big Creative Education
  • Understand and demonstrate knowledge of where to scout for new/unsigned music 
  • Understand the role of an A&R 
  • Learn the process of A&R
  • Understand the role of an artist manager
  • Describe the responsibilities of managing recording artists in a business environment
  • Learn about scheduling in the music management business
  • Learn methods of communication in the music business
  • Learn about planning and organisation in the music business
  • Identify the job roles of a live music promoter
  • Understand the external factors and regulations involved in the music industry / hosting a live show 
  • Learn about contracts and artist management & A&R 
  • Learn about GDPR and how it effects the music industry
  • Understand how live agents impact the music industry
  • Understand the sales aspect of a live agents role booking shows.
  • Routing – what is routing and how is it important
  • Entry Points – a look at entry points to the UK market
  • The relationship between the agent and the promote
  • Identify the different roles of a music publisher
  •  Understand the importance of building a network of writers to collaborate
  • Learn about PRS – publishing rights, regulations and policies.
  • Understand what PR stands for and how it is important
  • Learn about Radio Promotion – what makes a radio single?
  • Further understand the role of the A&R
  • Understand the knowledge of the expectations of signing artists to a record label.
  • Understand the difference between PPL and PRS royalty collection.
  • Understand the basic function and process of a music company 
  • Portfolio building session including the following evidence:
    • A&R
    • Artist management
    • Live (Promotion and Agents)
    • Music Publishing
    • PR (press and radio
  • Portfolio building session including the following evidence:
    • Budgeting
    • Regulations
    • Policies
    • PRS & PPL – what do you need
  • Learn how to develop your own lesson plan on a music business related topic before delivering it to the rest of the class.
  • Learn about Spotify and Streaming
  • Learn about YouTube and Vevo
  • Learn about CD/Vinyl/Digital
  • Evaluate and reflect on the individual assignments completed this year

What do I need to do once I finish the online learning

After the 12 month tutorial sessions you’ll be required to submit material to pass your EPA, pass your two exams (Coding Principles & Marketing Principles) and submit your CIM Level 3 Assignment.
  • As an apprentice undertakes a multi-choice test to last a maximum of 60 minutes and include 50 equally weighted multi-choice questions with four possible answers each. The assessment should be passed before the apprentice progresses to the interview and presentation. The test is to be completed online
  • As the apprentice, you will be involved in a professional discussion predominately focused on your Project showcase with an EPA independent assessor.
  • The interview is for 30-45 minutes and graded by the Independent End-point
    Assessment Organisation (EPAO). The Portfolio of Learning provides a structure for this conversation. The Portfolio should provide at least one piece of evidence for each of the minimum KSBs outlined in the Assessment Methods and Grading annexed table.
  • The apprentice delivers a presentation to the EPAO on a project they have
    completed or a process they have improved. The presentation lasts 10-15 minutes, with a further 10-15 minutes for a Q&A session.
  • Your submission will be turned in to the assessment provider and reviewed until feedback is ready for you to reflect upon. 

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