Artists Development with The MUSIC Department

The Big Creative Training music department is so much more than a college music department. The tutors all come from industry backgrounds and bring their skills and experience to support our young artists and producers to develop and showcase their talent. Many of our former students have gone on to achieve industry success building on the skills and knowledge they developed with BCT’s artist development.

Artist Development Programme

Gifted and talented artists and producers take part in extra sessions weekly exploring new co-labs, working on video concepts and getting input from labels and industry professionals. 

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Big KD


Big KD music can be described as Melodic Drill influenced by artist such as Headie One,Loski and Gully. However has a producer he has stretch is versatility to RnB and Trap to create a unique sound for his fellow artist in Artist Developement Course.

Big KD doesn’t want to box himself in as an artist and likes working with different styles to push his creativity to his highest potential. His song “Unique” highlights his melodic rapping style alongside the hard hitting drill beats homegrown from the UK

Check out some of Big KD’s snippets below:
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Dino has created his own lane in the world of UK hip-hop and R&B. He’s sound can be described as Alternative Trap soul often compared to artists such as Frank Ocean and 8Lack.

His song “Relapse” is an honest account of his addiction to a love interest and the inner conflict of trauma, isolation and co-dependence. He tackles mature themes in his music which reach to the innermost insecurities young me feel. Brave as he is, he wears his heart on his sleeve and in his upcoming EP you’ll get to witness intimacy and vulnerability at its finest

Check out some of Dino’s snippets below:
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Combing her home tongue of Portuguese with English she merges soul and electronic R&B to create a euphoric sound that soothes the soul. Her sound can be described as soft, melodic and soulful with influences ranging from SZA, Kali claire and Snoh Alegra.

Her song “Spaceship” shows her clever songwriting wordplay as she dives into an interesting way of displaying her feelings in song form. The Artist development program has helped develop her confidence in her own voice and using both dialects to portray a story that can connect to both parts of the word

Check out some of Ezmeh’s snippets below:
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A powerful artist who shows creative influences from artists such as Pop Smoke and Chief Keef whose menacing energy highlights his love for hip hop, drill and RNB. His voice is his most distinctive trait infecting others to vibe out to his dance songs. His song “Treat me nice” is a great introduction to showcase his high energy and melodic drill style hooks that many will know after hearing it once. The development programme has helped him to collaborate with other producers and singers whilst refining his own personal style

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Lydia Lavaud

Songwriter & Vocalist

An artist who uses her voice to captivate her audiences. Her sound could be compared to influences such as Jhene Aiko and Ariana Grande to name a few.

Her delicate voice over hard-hitting R&B beats is a beautiful combination of melodic meets 808. Her track “Expectations” reminds the listener of the Miami base sound of the 90s and she elqoently rides the track effortlessly. The artist development program has allowed Lydia to work with others and to push her songwriting to another level.

Check out some of Lydia Lavaud’s snippets below:
Kam 1 small - Big Creative Education


R&B and Hip-Hop Producer

A North West London native focusing primarily on R&B and Hip-Hop. Influenced and inspired by the works of the late XXXTentacion and Mac Miller while also taking influence from the works of Tory Lanez for his more soulful performances.

He started making music in his childhood writing songs but didn’t record anything until December 2019 where he released his first single “bhad bhabie”, from then the only way was up and he continued to go through 2020 releasing 3 EPs and 2 albums alongside a handful of singles.

He has stated that he uses music as a means to connect with people and be there for his listeners when they feel at their lowest and hype them up when they are feeling good

Check out some of Orakana’s snippets below:
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Shay takes her influences from 90s R&B and early 00s. Her sound can be described as colourful and reflective, often describing love and relationships in a young black girl's world. Her track “So Sweet” describes the feeling of love and all its sweetness much like artists such as Ashanti in her early career.

Shay hopes to complete her EP this year to showcase her talents in more depth as she continues to explore her identity in her music. The artist Development program has helped her to be specific about her sound and to explore working with other producers and Songwriters on the program

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A retro trap R&B artist whose eclectic sounds are reminiscent of artists such as Doechii, Erkya Badu and Shaybo. Singer as well as a rapper, Tokyo doesn’t want to be held under one category of music.

Hailing from South London, she ebbs and flows her style from American influences and merges her south palette cleverly. Her track “Cartier” is big and bolshy which shows her confidence to stand out and bring forth her powerful energy within the music.

Check out some of Tokyo’s snippets below: