BCE Masterclasses

In-depth discussions on various topics in our brand new online masterclasses!


Music Performance Tutor Ali discusses the importance of C-Major and gives us a short guitar lesson in our Brand New Online Masterclass Series.

Band Lab

Music tutor Dan gives us an insight on how to create drum patterns and other music loops on the go using a free software on both your computer/mac or mobile. Which can then be later imported and edited using Logic Pro X.


Media tutor Jon gives us a masterclass in the art of collage creating as part of our new Online Masterclass Series.

Melody & Harmonies

Music tutor Reiss gives us a in depth lesson on Harmonies & Melodies and demonstrates how you could use particular notes and keys to take your keyboard skills to the next level.


Performing Arts tutors Lee & Charlotte show you how to build on dialogue during a performance. Going over a short script demonstrating different techniques used within film, television and theatre in the latest Drama masterclass.


Fashion tutor Alice puts up and coming fashion designers to the the test in the latest Fashion Sketching Masterclass.

Motion Graphic

Short masterclass on how to animate a logo using Adobe After Effects using motion and graphics. Step by Step instructions to help to take your video content to the next level.

Setting up an Event

Music & Events tutor Jhene puts together her top 10 tips for setting up your very own live event with an in depth discussion on topics like target audience, budget, branding, roles and much more in the latest Online Masterclass Episode.


Dance and Drama tutor lee breaks down down the elements of the wave and demonstrates how you could use the move in a variety of different ways to take your routines to the next level in the latest Dance Masterclass.